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SSL Certificate

Are you concerned about the security of the data your customers provide through your website? Do you want to make the communication through your website more secure? Use our power full SSL certificates to secure your data. Our SSL certificates provide power full encryption which keeps your data locked away from intruders.

25% off for 3 year payment

20% off for 2 year payment

Basis SSL
2000 / Year

* 18% GST Applicable

Wild Card SSL
9000 / Year

* 18% GST Applicable

20000 / Year

* 18% GST Applicable

Google mail

Are you worried about the security and efficiency of your websites email transactions? You can Use one of the leading email service providers to deliver your emails. By using the google mail you can send and receive emails of your website using the Google's mail servers. The Google mail provides secure email transactions with greater deliverability including the comfort of Gmail interface.

Monthly Plan
150 / user / month

* 18% GST Applicable

Yearly Plan
1500 / user / month

* 18% GST Applicable


Are you getting large number of spam mails on your website? You can secure your mail box with SpamExperts filter. The SpamExperts filter provides professional email security solutions which helps you to secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransom-ware and malware attacks.

Outgoing Spamfilter
300 / Month

* 18% GST Applicable

Incoming Spamfilter
300 / Month

* 18% GST Applicable

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