15 Must-Have Tools for Scaling Your eCommerce Business

July 1, 2019

Nowadays eCommerce has made its development in almost all sectors. Competition is increasing day by day and in this industry scalability and sustainability can be achieved only if we implement certain relevant tools.

Following are the 15 must have tools which can increase the scalability of an eCommerce site:

1) Optimizely:-

Optimizely is a technology which provides A/B testing tools, that is two versions of a website is compared in terms of performance and other aspects.

By this tool, we can easily create, analyze and run A/B tests in our eCommerce website.

2) Buzzsumo:-

Buzzumo is a research and monitoring tool. Since content writing is quite a challenge as the competition is tough we can use Buzzumo to come up with the right blog ideas. With Buzzumo we can search for a specific topic and will be able to refer the popular articles or contents. We can also know about the social media followers who have shared these types of article. By this, we can analyse the content of our competitors and can track them.

3) MailChimp:-

MailChimp can be used if we need to send updates regarding the products that we are marketing to our customers. If we send regularly these type of emails then this could be a help. By this we can make awareness to our customers regarding discounts, campaigns or any new updates regarding the product.

4) Moz:-

This is another important tool that can be used for analyzing our business. Moz helps to detect our keyword ranking among the competitors, compare mobile versus desktop rankings etc. It will crawl our site to determine if there are any flaws and helps to get better ranking so that customers can easily reach towards us.

5) Instagration:-

This tool is related to marketing products on Instagram. In such cases where you have mass followers on Instagram, then this tool will be helpful for us. It helps to advertise our products for free of cost and thus we can increase conversations with the followers/customers. Also when it comes to eCommerce sales social proof can be more powerful since we can get reviews and get to know about how much the customers love our product.

6) Qualaroo:-

Inorder to achieve in an ecommerce store then we should get to know more about the customers and their experiences while visiting our website. Qualaroo takes a quick survey through the eCommerce store and thus can get a detailed report regarding our site.

These survey can help us to know more about the customers, their tastes, and also to increase the conversions.

7) Canva:-

We all know an image catches more attention than a thousand words. So images are more important on an ecommerce website and if you miss that, then we are certainly missing out the traction and conversions.

Canva is the best tool to use if you have zero experience in photoshop or similar applications.

8) Facebook Ads:-

If we don’t like to spend more money on advertisements then we can go for Facebook Ads. If you want to reach out to a specific user then there is no other tool better than Facebook Ads. It helps to connect with the new customers and drive them to our website and we can also start campaigns which will give more marketing.

Just like Instagration, it helps to find our ideal customer.

9) Zirtual:-

This tool helps us to multitask that is all the office related things can be scheduled and fulfilled. Zirtual makes our tasks easier so that we only need less time for back-office tasks and can utilize more time for our business growth.

It connects you with its own personal assistant who will help you from scheduling meetings to managing our mailbox.

10) Wigzo:-

Wigzo automates the manual workflow of email marketing. Keeping the customers only on the emails doesn’t make sense. This tool creates and sends dynamically personalized emails by which a

one to one communication is possible.

Web-push notifications by Wizgo helps to deliver real-time messages and this tool is helpful for those eCommerce stores which are not having a mobile app yet aiming a higher ROI.

11) Google AdWords:-

We can use Google AdWords for reaching to customers. This is a paid application where you can target a specific audience by locations or keywords that have been used.

Google Adwords always put us in front and make our website reachable to the customers.

12) OptiMonk:-

This tool is used to get the potential customers if they are leaving our site by creating a popup. We can target the behavior of the customers and make good offers to them or else they might never return to our website.

13) Kit:-

For creating Facebook and Instagram Ads we can use this tool. The kit connects you to a virtual employee where it can help you in creating Ads with a targeted audience.

Also helps to post updates to the Facebook and Instagram pages, send email marketing campaigns etc.

14) Zendesk Chat:-

For trust building, we can use online chat applications so as to chat with the website visitors in real-time. By responding to the customers through chat we can build a wall of trust on them and eventually increase the scope of marketing.

15) Thankbot:-

Thankbot is another tool to attract customers. It will help us to send the handwritten thank you cards to the customers which will make the first impression on the customers about us.

Sending handwritten thank you cards to people is the best way to differentiate us from competitors.

By using the above tools I’m sure that you can scale up your eCommerce business.

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