5 Great Email Hosting Features of cPanel & WHM

August 17, 2019

cPanel/WHM is one of the most popular control panel among the web hosts, system administrators and other such users due to its user friendly interface, compatibility, reliability, rich features that’s always developing and updating. One of the most improved features of cPanel/WHM is its email management. Here we are discussing some of the great Email hosting features provided by cPanel & WHM that makes it a good choice for the users.

1. SubAddressing

Sub Addressing also called Plus addressing is becoming a standard feature of email systems. It is a powerful spam protection tool for users and is absolutely necessary nowadays. You can create an

email sub-address by adding ‘+’ tag before the ‘@’ sign and it helps to filter the emails in a great way.

For eg: If the actual email address is myemail@domain.com and you want to register to a job site, you can use the sub address : myemail+jobsite@domain.com.

By using this subaddress, we can filter the incoming emails coming from this job site. We can also create unique sub addresses for each site we are registering which will help you if any of these sites share your details.

That is if the job site shared your address to third parties without your knowledge, and you have received any spam email from them, you can trace it by checking the email subaddress. Thus you can delete this whole subaddress to stop receiving the spam emails.

2. MDBox

MDBox or multi-dbox is the new mail storage system used by Dovecot mail application in cPanel/WHM. The main advantage of MDBox is its high performance and speed as it allows multiple emails to store in a single file (many to one format) which lowers the inode limit while the previous mail storage system (maildir) only allows one to one format system.

3. Email Account Settings

Checking the emails using the Webmail interface is not always an option, and so, many people choose to configure their email accounts in different email clients or devices of their choice. However, for most end-users, configuring their email accounts in their own devices/email clients can be a hassle as the different combinations of configurable options can be confusing. cPanel now has a feature that allows a user to send the instructions, to configure the cPanel hosted email account, to themselves as an email. The email will also contain a mobile configuration. The user can then simply confirm the settings and enter their password to configure the email account on their device.

4. IMAP Full-Text Search Indexing

Powered by Solr, cPanel now fully supports IMAP Full-Text Search Indexing. Full-Text Search is a search method that will compare every word in the search query with the every word in a given database or document. In cPanel, this will allow a user to search for an email using a word or text included in the email and the search mechanism is incredibly fast. The search indexing is powered by the Solr service, which can be found in cPanel as cpanel-dovecot-solr.

5. iOS and Android push notifications

Push notifications are highly useful when you do not have time to manually check for new emails by refreshing your inbox periodically. cPanel supports both Android and IOS push notifications which will alert the user upon new emails.

Cpanel/WHM is always improving its email features to provide an efficient mail hosting experience which yield a lot of benefits for webhosts, server administrators or cPanel users.

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