Benefits of SSL Certificates For Your Online Business

September 25, 2019

The core benefits of SSL Certificates for your online business are,

SSL Protects Data :

SSL is a certificate that protects server-client communication by encrypting the data. You can also define it as in simple words “A data is locked, where it can be opened only by the right owner”. Sensitive data such as ID, password, code etc need to be handled with utmost care as there is a pack of hackers to hack it but SSL protects or saves you from these foreign attacks. The SSL encrypts the data thus leaving the hackers to count stars.

Affirmation Of Your Identity :

Authentication to websites is provided by SSL. As far as web security is concerned identity verification is one among the main aspect. There are people who have been duped and lost thousands of dollar due to fake websites, this is where SSL certificates come as a lifesaver. In order to install SSL certificates certain validation process by CA (Certificate Authority) has to be done by verifying you and your organizations’ identity. SSL directs you to the real website and saves users from fraudsters.

Better Search Engine Ranking:

Everyone wants to be in top order list of Google search engine ranking. Google has made changes in its algorithm enabling priority to HTTPs-enabled website. In researches, a strong correlation was found between HTTPS and higher search engine rankings.

SSL Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements :

If you have done online payments then PCI/DSS requirements might be familiar to you. Online payments are received only when the website is compliant to PCI. SSL certificates are installed as one of the prior requirement by the PCI.

Customer Trust :

Apart from encryption and authentication, the customers’ trust increases with the SSL certificates. On installing OV/EV SSL organization details are obtained and once they confirm that you are a legitimate entity then they are far more likely to do business with you.

SSL Mandatory by Google -2018 :

SSL was made mandatory by Google from 2018 and if anyone fails to acquiesce with this rule then all popular browsers will thrash them by giving warning message ” Not Secure ” in URL bar. In future these warned websites may get blocked to load on browser. Hence, SSL is made mandatory for all the websites from a personal blog to core websites ignoring them can cause a lot to you especially decrease in visitors.

In Precise :

Nobody would ever want to have their site under threat or blocked so, what are you waiting for …..Hurry Up!!! Get your SSL certificate installed on your websites.

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