Best WordPress Cache Plugins

October 2, 2019

The usage of WordPress website had increased a lot resulting in slow down, reducing your goal conversion rate, higher bounce rate,decreased search engine rankings etc, hence Caching plugins will help you overcome these defects and make WordPress work more efficiently. They create static versions of content thus resulting in faster loading time and happier visitors. Few caching plugins are explained below:

WP Rocket:

WP Rocket is one of the popular premium caching plugin.The ease of configuration is the part that which makes it apart from competition. Page caching will get immediately activated once the plugin is activated. It improves the indexing of your website in search engine,page load time, HTML, CSS and java script files are minified and Lazy Loading i.e, Your images are loaded only when they are visible to your visitor on their browser.

WP Super Cache:

This plugin is run by automatic. WP Super cache helps you generate static html files from dynamic WordPress blog after processing comparatively heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

Serves caches files in 3 ways:

1.Simple: One of the most recommended method where you don’t have to edit PHP files,plus .htaccess file does not need to be configured.

2.Expert: Serves super cached HTML files to users but requires modification of .htaccess files.

3.WP Super Caching: Used to cache pages for known users though considered as the most flexible caching method is slightly slower when compared to other methods.

W3 Total Cache:

Is the most popular caching plugins that offers Content Delivery Network(CDN) integration. Whether your site is hosted on a shared hosting network or dedicated server, you will a suitable plugin to improve your web server performance and reduce page load time and currently this is the only plugin optimized for all practical hosting. It offers support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages,Security Socket Layer(SSL), 80% bandwidth savings via minification, HTML, CSS and java script files are minified without any negative impact.

WP Fastest Cache:

It has fewer configuration settings for WordPress caching.Like other caching plugins it also creates HTML files from dynamic WordPress sites,to reduce the file size the plugin minifies HTML & CSS files also disables emojis on your website, implements browser caching in order to reduce the page load time, combines many CSS files into one in order to reduce the number of HTTP round trips.

Premium versions are coming up with unique features in order to increase the page speed like image optimization, database clean up, mobile caching etc.

Comet Cache:

With 60,000 active installs,it has the ability to cache logged in users. If you are using any membership sites,e-commerce or any other site that requires users to register then comet cache is a must use plugin. It uses browser caching with Apache server meaning you can increase the page speed, you can also serve all cached files on your site from CDN(Content Delivery Network) of your choice. To avoid generation of new version of cache while the server is busy ,the plugin monitoring the server load & temporarily disable cache expiration.

Cache Enabler:

It’s a light weight caching plugin that creates static HTML file of your site and serves them to the majority website visitors upon request, requires minimal configuration & comes with all important features needed from caching plugin. It provides extensive documentation that helps you explore different plugin features.

Hyper Cache:

Caching plugin is written in PHP that can be used in both cheap hosting environment as well as high end servers. Activating Hyper Cache is easy as it works on default values. The plugin comes with mobile theme switch option that allows you to enable caching even if you are using different layouts for mobile users & desktops, ability to serve cached pages to comment authors.You can also disable serving cached pages to comment authors if you want to.


GTmetrix , Pingdom and Google page speed were used to compare and test the best word press caching plugins. The end result in test shows that- WP Rocket, Comet Cache and WP Super Cache as the fastest WordPress Caching Plugins.

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