How a Web Host can help you to secure your website?

July 8, 2019

Having a website is easier today because of the availability of great tools and services in the web development space. Once you are ready with your website, the next step is to find a proper web host for hosting your website. Choosing the right web host is very much important for your business growth. Without proper hosting, it will be hard to maintain the online availability of your website. Your web host can provide you with excellent performance and also security from external threats. If your web host is not able to provide you with proper care, it will destroy your website.

Web application Firewall

A web application Firewall will help you avoid all anonymous traffic to your website. This firewall will block the user If any unauthorized activity occurs from the user side. This will save your bandwidth and other resources for genuine users or visitors. Hence your website will be faster and more efficient.

Install SSL

If your website asks for any contact form to be filled by the customers or visitors then you have to keep the data safe. The simplest way to safeguard your customer’s personal information is through an SSL certificate. Different range of SSL certificates is available today. Free to paid versions are available. You can choose according to your budget and business requirements.

Keep your server and other software updated

It’s your choice to keep your website secure. But when it comes to servers, it’s your web host who should take care of it. To ensure server security a lot of tools, software and technologies are available today. By making your server and software optimized and updated your web host can guarantee you with the maximum uptime. We eGlueweb always take care of our customers. We provide 24×7 dedicated in-house web hosting support with 99.9% uptime.

Regular Server Backups

Regular backups will protect your website from all kind of unexpected attacks. If there are backups occurring in your website you can easily run your website within minutes even if your website is hacked.

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