Why website live chat is beneficial for your Web Hosting business?

August 14, 2019

Customer service is of critical importance for one’s business since nowadays people expect a business to act fast and provides instant and efficient support. Having a good customer support not only boost up one’s business but also helps in building up a strong customer relationship.

By provide exceptional technical support to your customers, we will be able to help maintain their satisfaction and business. Client audits are significant for getting new customers. It would be a superior choice to go with 24 hours help in light of the fact that nobody realizes when issues may emerge.

Below are the few main reasons why web hosting business needs to have live chat:

1. Real-Time Support

Live Chat is perfect for any type of business, whether big or small. Nothing will profit customer service more than offering Live Chat. Having a highly efficient 24/7 support team can assist client at any time, be it midnight, early morning or the middle of their business day. It makes the client feel more secure and sure about their host.

2. Live Chat Saves Money

Live Chat is the best option if you are looking for a cost-effective customer service solution. As email support takes time and phone support is too costly to maintain and set up. Live chat is the best choice.

Live chat is more efficient as it enables the agents to help numerous clients without a moment’s delay which is impossible for phone-based support agents. By serving more clients at a time, helps in building more leads as well as bring in higher revenue to expect.

3. Live Chat Is Great For Lead Capture

If you are setting up live Chat up to capture email addresses pre-chat, then you will be able to build a set of leads to follow up with. Prompting auto messages in live chat will help you start the conversation with them in a meaningful way resulting in more leads and improved client experience.

4. To maintain customer relationship

Having an efficient live chat team could support the customers with basic as well as technical queries regarding their hosting. This will let them have an idea of the reason behind the issue and how long it will take to get the issue resolved. Communication should be made in such a way that both the receiver and the sender should understand the messages. So it is better to use simple language. One should keep in mind that our customers may be new to our business and so we should avoid using complicated technical terms.

Live chat enables the customers to interact easily and instantly, thereby increasing the customer satisfaction and as a result, it makes your business more credible. Since live chat is instant and potential, the existing customer gets the assurance that we are there when they need us at any time, be it midnight, early morning or the middle of their business day.

5. Live Chat Makes You Consistent

With live chat, you will be able to use canned responses thereby helping to solve issues quickly. Using canned responses, we can make sure that our team is giving fast and consistent replies to frequently asked questions.

6. Live Chat Identifies Common Issues

With chat transcripts, we will be able to review the chat transcripts to identify the common issues. This will enable us to improve our product or service or improve your website if customers are having issues placing orders.

7. Live Chat Links To Your Helpdesk

As we all know, we will not be able to answer all the clients questions. Some issues need further investigation. In this case, just push the chat through to your helpdesk and create a ticket so we can take your time to find the right resolution.

8. Live Chat Gets You More Reviews

When we are having a happy customer in front us and If we’ve just solved someone’s problem, we can politely ask them for a review or testimonial and provide them with the link to our favourite review site. A happy and satisfied customer are more likely to spread the word about business to their friends and family which will help us in building up a set of leads.

Our eGlueweb provides 24/7 topnotch technical support and you can reach us through Live Chat, Helpdesk or Phone at any point of time, we will be more than happy to assist you.