Free Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

September 19, 2019

Communication is a medium to exchange data or information in order to develop social relationships. Chatting” is one such medium that allows you to exchange written messages.

Have you ever thought about consumers mindset where they would require some kind of customer support while making online purchases. I think most of the customers would avoid making online transactions if they fail to find out the answers for their queries which would drastically affect the business. Hence, there must be interaction with the customers in order to run your business smoothly.

Now let’s go through a few free live chat plugins for WordPress

1. Tidio Live Chat:

Tidio live chat is an open source software mainly for the WordPress community where you can enjoy the full advantage of the services provided.One can install the plugins easily and can download the app in both desktop as well as in mobile according to the need.You can add n number of agents,can keep the customers happy with 24/7 service by resolving there issues instantly if suppose you are offline or leave. Tidio chatbot will keep your customer in connection either by providing automated service or by getting email address of the customer for later response or query. You can also view the history of the conversation on the left side of the chat panel. You can change the chat appearances based on your comfort. The integrated widget supports 183 languages, with 21 pre-translated language. If you are not able to translate then visit contact[at] or for help. Receives email notification when you are offline. Tracks the customers who visits your websites and contact the customers currently visiting your website.You can also initiate chat before the visitor does.Its one of the best free plan available.The plugins are integrated with zendesk,zapier,Capsule,Salesforce,hub spot etc. Once the plugin gets activated it provides a 7 day trial period after that one can either pay and continue with pro account or use the free version. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time you want.

2.WP Live Chat Support:

WP Live Chat Support is one of the chat support that can handle multiple customers simultaneously. A productive conversations between the customer and agent can be initiated through email. WP Live Chat Support does not connect to third party servers. It bans the visitors from chatting to you based on IP address. Once the visitor starts to have a conversation with you through live chat box a trusted bond is established that would help to increase the sales. It does not support any advertising links and have 6 themes for chat box and also have animation effects.

Access to history is also available. Live chat box can be limited to registered users. Sound of messages can be enabled/disabled. Missed live chats can be viewed later. You can also view the messages being typed by the visitor before being send. The choice of opting the live chat on your website or server depends upon the customers needs such as chat security etc.

There are several other add on functionalities to the plugin:

1. Usage of server side Generated Unique Identifier (GUID) that would provide a secure communication between the agent and server in same website by storing the URL and GUID.

2. Google App Engine, EvenNode, Gravatar, Giphy, Tenor, Nimble Squirrel surveys etc will release low latency chat server, interact and collaborate through instant messages with other users, generate avatar for user and agent, make use of giphy, polls are added before or after the chat is started.

3. Pure Chat:

Pure Chat is an open source software with unlimited chat support. It provides an option for you to display the status on your widget if you are offline such as offline indicator, disappear, email you with queries. Customized widget, no ads available in Pure Chat. Tools and apps are integrated with this plugin in order to improve the customer management. The Pure Chat pro also provide real time analytics, visitor and contact tracking features. History details are also available.

4. Zendesk Chat:

This support chat work with most browsers namely IE6, Firefox2, Google chrome etc.
The prime features of Zendesk chat are :
1. Can chat using any devices using mobile optimized chat widget.
2. Using Triggers can increase the sale by reaching every visitor.
3. Keeps track of visitors, instant response to the customer in case of any help etc.

For free version you will be able to access the records for only 14 days and can have only one chat at a time. Only one member can access dashboard in free version and customized options are also not available in free version but this is not similar with the case of premium packages.

6. iFly Chat:

iFly chat is cloud based and is best suited for community and social networking sites. It supports private and group chats. Signing up in this website simultaneously signs you up with chat box. The free version allows at least 10 users and also certain features such as sharing files, images, videos, URL of various web, emoticons, banning Ips, encrypts the chats for sites with SSL and also configured plugins provide online supports to product/service. History can be viewed using short code and there is a provision for the administrator to view or clear up the history details of any conversation (on/off optional). Customized themes are available. For advanced features such as embedded chat, group chat paid plans are available.

Make use of the free live chats based on the needs but in order to have advanced features its better to use paid plans.

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