Tips to Optimize Server for tuning your WordPress Website Performance

July 6, 2019

Hope you all know the importance of website speed as a visitor. People will get irritated when they are forced to wait for loading a website. And researches show that almost 70% of people leave the slow loading website will never return back to that website again. Even Google suggest a website should load within 200 milliseconds.

Cache your website files

Your WordPress website includes many of CSS, JavaScript and also image files. This will take time to load. Caching the files is the greatest method for improving the speed of your website. In NginX, this is done using the “Expires” tag, and in Apache, this is done using “mod_expires”.

Optimize usage of application dependencies

Most software applications use SQL databases, caching, external web services, and other application dependencies. These are things like SQL Server, Oracle, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and external HTTP web services.

The best way to evaluate how your code is using application dependencies and how they perform is by code profiling. Products like Retrace are safe to use on your servers and can instantly show you which dependencies are being used and how long they take.

Optimize the static content

Compressed files are smaller. Hence compress your static contents with gzip. If you are on a shared server, you can enable gzip compression straight from cPanel.

Perform Routine WordPress Maintenance

Keep your WordPress website updated. Taking care of certain simple things like Keep WordPress and your plugins up to date, Delete old post revisions, Delete spam comments etc will speed up your website.

Use HTTP 2 instead of HTTP 1

Majority of the websites uses this old version of HTTP. This was released in 1997 and this forces the browsers to download files. The new version was released in 2015 and almost all browsers and web servers support HTTP 2. HTTP 2 comes with many speed boosting features multi-file transfer per connection, compressed headers, etc. This protocol is capable of monitoring vulnerabilities and also able to patch in customer servers within 24 hours.

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